The McIninch Family

This is my husband's maternal line. His mother's grandfather was Charles Postly McIninch.

This information was gathered by Cynthia Lucy Beach (my husband's aunt), daughter of John Hiram Beach and Anna Rosalee McIninch. The material was retyped, put into manuscript form, and published in a private printing by Sue Scott Grippando, niece of Cynthia Lucy Beach.

It is not known how long it took Lucy to gather the material but it is evident there was a lot of time and research involved on her part. This information is dedicated to her with love, for without her, this probably would not have been accomplished. May all who read this appreciate what she has done!

From "Historical Collection of Ohio" by Howe - Volume 2, Page 679

Tuscarora or Tuscarawas County was formed from Muskingum County, February 15, 1808. The name is that of an Indian tribe, and is one of their dialects which signifies "open mouth".

This is a fertile, well cultivated county, partly level and partly rolling and hilly. Iron ore, fire clay and coal abound. It was first permanently settled about the year 1803 by immigrants from western Virginia and Pennsylvania, many of whom were of German origin.

The population of Tuscarawas County in 1820 was 8,326; in 1830 it was 14,298, and in 1860 population was 32,464. People were from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, Indiana, Kentucky, Germany, England and Wales, Ireland, Scotland, British America, Sweden and Norway.

October 27, 1889 a flint implement of paleolithic age was found. The man losing the implement was in the valley while ice of the glacier period lingered over a large part of the northern area. This race is unquestionably linked with the great ice age.

The mound builders came at a much later date.

The above describes the area where our ancestors lived for awhile, before moving on to settle in other parts of the country.

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